ZephyTOOLS - version 20.01

Welcome to ZephyTOOLS…

This is the main documentation of ZephyTOOLS software.

It is being written by Zephy-Science company, subsidiary of AZIUGO company.

ZephyTOOLS® and Zephy-Science® are both registered trade marks.

Zephy-Science sincerely hopes wind resource assessors will enjoy using ZephyTOOLS.

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Please understand that this documentation is a constant work in progress and may contain writing errors.

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Thank you to the open-source community

Zephy-Science built ZephyTOOLS around (or thanks to) many available open-source programs.

Thanks to all the the people who worked on developing these, including…

We Make Progress with Your Feedback

Zephy-Science holds a user meeting every year to unveil the new features of its latest updates, and to let the users share their ZephyCFD experience and feedback.

Zephy-Science always moves forward by hearing the suggestions from our users, and planning the feature development path together with them. Thanks to all participants for their valuable feedback.

2017 ZephyTOOLS international user meeting

2017 ZephyTOOLS international user meeting